An Integrated Chinese-Western Medical Treatment of 100 Cases of Male Oligospermia Sterility

100 men with low sperm count and poor sperm motility were treated with individulaly modified Chinese herbal formulations combined with clomid and vitamin E daily for 15-60 days (37.3 days average). 82% showed significant increases in both count and motility. This may be a viable treatment option for men with poor sperm motility and low sperm counts.

Shao Chang-jie - Hei Long Jiang Zhong Yi Yao (Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology), pages 36-37 of issue #3, 2007

TCM treatment of male immune infertility--a report of 100 cases.

100 cases of male immune infertility in the treatment group were treated with Yikang Decoction, while 100 cases treated with prednisone as the controls. CONCLUSION: The Yikang Decoction has a more stable effect for male immune infertility than prednisone. Antisperm antibodies, percentage of motile sperm, pregnancy rates, and sperm agglutination (clumping) were all significantly better in the group treated with the Chinese herbal fomula Yikang decoction vs the prednisone treatment group.

Observations on the Therapeutic Effects of Treating 132 Cases of Male Immune Infertility with Ju He Wan (Citrus Seed Pills)

Conclusions: 132 men tested positive for antisperm antibodies. They were treated for 1.5-4.5 months with a Chinese herbal formula Ju He Wan. After treatment, 120 (91%) tested negative for antisperm antibodies (compared to only 45% of the group treated with prednisone). 74 of these same men conceived after 1.5-3 months of treatment. From these findings, Chinese herbal medicine could be an effective treatment option for men with antisperm antibodies.

Cheng Ke-jia et al. - pages 39-40 of issue #7, 2007 of Xin Zhong Yi (New Chinese Medicine)

A substance isolated from Cornus officinalis enhances the motility of human sperm

The effects of a Chinese herb, Cornus officinalis, on the motility of human sperm was studied. An aqueous extract was prepared from the dried fruits of the herb and used in this study. The crude extract showed substantial stimulatory effects on sperm motility.

Jeng H; Wu CM; Su SJ; Chang WC Department of Anatomy, Taipei Medical College, Taiwan. Am J Chin Med 1997;25(3-4):301-6 (ISSN: 0192-415X)

An experimental study on inhibitory effect of Chinese medicine tai-bao on antisperm antibody

Tai-bao Chinese herbal medicine displayed significantly higher rates of implantation and pregnancy, as well as comparitive rates of lowering effects of antisperm antibodies as prednisone. CONCLUSION: Chinese medicine Tai-bao possesses regulatory effect on reproductive immune function, inhibitory effect on antisperm cytotoxic antibody, and promoting effect on pregnancy.

Lai AN; Song JF; Liu XJ Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of TCM, Beijing. Chung Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih, 17(6):360-2 1997 Jun (ISSN: 1003-5370)

Male infertility treated by bu shen sheng jing pill in clinical observation and evaluation on its curative effect

Eighty-seven cases of male infertility were treated with Bu Shen Sheng Jing Pill, and the comprehensive semen routine analysis score was enhanced significantly (P < 0.001). The result showed that this prescription had a regulatory function in follicle stimulating hormone, luteotropic hormone, testosterone, cortisol (could bring the enhanced or reduced hormone level back to normal range).

Yue GP; Chen Q; Dai N Institute of Acupuncture and Meridians, Anhui College of TCM, Hefei. Chung Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih, 16(8):463-6 1996 Aug (ISSN: 1003-5370)

Effects of Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan on male infertility with varicocele

Thirty-seven infertile patients with varicocele were treated with Guizhi-Fuling-Wan (7.5 g/day) for at least 3 months. Before and after the administration, semen qualities such as sperm concentration and motility were examined, and the varicocele was graded. A varicocele disappearance rate of 80% was obtained with 40 out of 50 varicocele, and improvement of sperm concentration and motility were found in 71.4% and 62.1% of patients, respectively. From these results, Guizhi-Fuling-Wan is considered to be effective for circulation disorders in varicocele as well as semen quality.

Clinical study on the treatment of male immune infertility by Hu zhang dan shen yin

90 men with immune infertility were selected as the research subjects and randomly divided into two groups, 60 in the treatment group, treated by Huzhangdanshenyin, and the other 30 in the control, treated by prednisone, both for 3 months. The improvement of clinical symptoms, immunologic indexes (antisperm antibodies in serum and seminal plasma) and sperm indexes (semen liquefied duration, motility, viability, density and abnormal morphology rate) were observed and the results analyzed.

Plants Used in Chinese Medicine for the Treatment of Male Infertility Posses Antioxidant and Anti-Oestrogenic Activity

In this study Chinese herbs commonly used in the treatment of male infertility were investigated for relevant biochemical activity. Oxidative stress has been implicated in male infertility with significant levels of reactive oxygen species detected in 25% of infertile males. A total of 37 individual herbs and seven herb decoctions used in the treatment of male factor infertility were therefore tested for endocrine activity. 20 showed strong and 10 weak anti-oestrogenic activity. Oestrogenic responses were elicited for two herbs.

Direct effects of Chinese herbal medicine “hachuekkito” on sperm movement.

CONCLUSION: Protective effects of Hochuekkito on sperm was suggested on sperm with Anit-sperm Antibodies. Although normal sperm with ASA was used in this report, since the sperm of infertile patients are said to be more fragile, this results imply that direct protective effect is one of the mechanism of Hochuekkito for male infertility

Yamanaka M; Kitamura M; Kishikawa H; Tsuboniwa N; Koga M; Nishimura K; Tsujimura A; Takahara S; Matsumiya K; Okuyama A Department of Urology, Osaka University Medical School - Nippon Hinyokika Gakkai Zasshi, 89(7):641-6 1998 Jul (ISSN: 0021-5287)

The Treatment of 156 Cases of Oligospermia with Sheng Jing Qiang You Tang (Engender Essence & Strengthen Fertility Decoction)

156 men with low sperm count and inability to conceive were administered individually modified versions of the Chinese herbal formula Sheng Jing Qiang You Tang for 3-6 months. They were not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke, or have sex. In 98 men their sperm count increased above WHO standards, and 35 men showed an increase in sperm count but did not meet ‘fertile’ WHO criteria.

Zhang Jun. - Shi Yong Zhong Yi Nei Ke Za Zhi (Journal of Practical Chinese Medical Internal Medicine), page 50 of issue #1, 2005