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A prospective randomized placebo-controlled study of the effect of acupuncture in infertile patients with severe oligoasthenozoospermia - Dieterle et al

Conclusions: After receiving acupuncture twice weekly for 6 weeks motility of sperm (but not overall count) was found to increase significantly.

This recent small clinical trial randomised 57 patients who had extremely low sperm counts, to acupuncture and placebo acupuncture groups. The authors conclude that the results of the present study support the significance of acupuncture in male patients with severe oligoasthenozoospermia. More evidence with larger trials needs to be accumulated before the efficacy and effectiveness of acupuncture in male infertility can be evaluated.

Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities - Gurfinkel E et al

Conclusion: The Chinese Traditional Medicine acupuncture and moxa techniques significantly increase the percentage of normal-form sperm in infertile patients with oligoastenoteratozoospermia without apparent cause.

Quantitative evaluation of spermatozoa ultrastructure after acupuncture treatment for idiopathic male infertility - Pei J et al

CONCLUSION(S): The treatment of idiopathic male infertility could benefit from employing acupuncture. A general improvement of sperm quality, specifically in the ultrastructural integrity of spermatozoa, was seen after acupuncture, although we did not identify specific sperm pathologies that could be particularly sensitive to this therapy.

Acupuncture Helps Lower Scrotum Temperature, Increase Sperm Count - Siterman S. et al

Conclusion: men that manifest higher scrotal temperatures due to genital tract inflammation or poor lifestyle habits can benefit from the scrotal temperature lowering effects of acupuncture.

Effects of the combined therapy of acupuncture with herbal medicine on male immune infertility--a clinical report of 50 cases. - Fu B. et al

CONCLUSION: The combined therapy of acupuncture with herbal drugs has definite therapeutic effects on male immune infertility, which can regulate AsAb and raise the immunity of the patients. To study the clinical effects of the combined therapy of acupuncture with herbal medicine on male immune infertility and on antisperm antibody (AsAb), 100 male cases of infertility with positive AsAb were divided randomly into two groups, each consisting of 50 cases. The control group was treated with oral prednisone.

The Acupuncture Treatment of 128 Cases of Oligospermia Sterility - Pang Pao-zhen et al

128 men with low sperm count were treated with acupuncture for 25 days consecutively as one course of treatment. Some men went through 2 courses. Overall, 92.19% of the men involved showed increase is sperm count, and 42 of these men were considered ‘cured’ when compared to WHO criteria. Note: In general, the more the patient felt the needle sensation, the better the outcome. Conversely, the less they felt the needle sensation, the worse the outcome.

Acupuncture & IVF poor responders: a cure? - Magarelli P. et al

Conclusions: Significant increases in pregnancy outcomes were confirmed by this study and the data uniquely supported the advantage of acupuncture in patients with normal PI (prior studies were done on patient with PI). We also demonstrated that both acupuncture treatment protocols could be used together with a synergistic effect. Finally, this study is the first to demonstrate that the use of acupuncture in patients with poor prognoses (elevated Peak FSH, longer history of infertility, poor sperm morphology) can achieve similar pregnancy rates to normal prognosis patients.

Influence of acupuncture on idiopathic male infertility in assisted reproductive technology. - Zhang M et al

This trial looks at sperm behaviour in an IVF setting. It was a “before and after” study involving 82 infertile men with pathological semen abnormalities and who’s sperm achieved a poor fertilization rate in at least 2 IVF/ICSI cycles. They were given acupuncture twice a week over 8 weeks and the IVF/ICSI cycles were repeated. The fertilization rates after acupuncture (66.2%) were significantly higher than that before treatment (40.2%) (P < 0.01).

Effect of acupuncture on sperm parameters of males suffering from subfertility related to low sperm quality - Siterman S et al

Conclusion: patients exhibiting a low fertility potential due to reduced sperm activity may benefit from acupuncture treatment.

A group of infertile men with abnormal semen analysis were randomly divided into 2 groups; one group was given 10 acupuncture treatments over 5 weeks, and the other group, no treatment. Significant improvements (p < 0.05) were demonstrated in the acupuncture group compared to the control group, in particular improved motility and morphology.

Does acupuncture treatment affect sperm density in males with very low sperm count? A pilot study - Siterman S et al

Conclusions: It is concluded that acupuncture may be a useful, nontraumatic treatment for males with very poor sperm density, especially those with a history of genital tract inflammation.

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